The Heartbreak Poem

I wish I could hold you in my arms, but you’re gone. You ripped it apart – my heart. Now that I know you’re gone, I had to understand the pain you caused.

You can push me in the ground and laugh. Call me names and smile. But you don’t seem to care.

I wish you could see these tears. The pain that was caused this year. Yet, I don’t care – you’re not here – and I don’t give a fuck.

I wish I could laugh this off, but it’s kinda freaking tough. You’re a bitch and that’s sincere – from the shit that I could’ve said.

So one day if we cross paths again – I will smile anyway. You’ll have doubt, karma will be back around, and I’ll be with someone else.

I wish I could change the past, but it’s gonna be okay. You didn’t care and so I say, “welcome to hell, you bitch.”

My pride will strive and I’ll carry on, yet you’ll be lonely and feel so alone. Karma is a bitch. And so are you.


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