A Five Year Old’s View On Sex

At five years old, I overheard my parents in the other room discussing sex. So at that age, I was a curious little creature and decided to ask the question that every parent dreads hearing: “Mommy, what’s sex?”

In a surprised stupor, my mother tried to casually brush it off and give me a completely different answer. “Well you see, when two people love each other so much, like mommy and daddy, they will kiss in private. But only in private does it count.”

Several days pass and all seems fine at home until an incident occurs. Running to my mom with tears streaming down

Trying to catch my breath between words and wiping away the tears so I could see, I finally found the words that needed to be spoken. “I had sex with the cat.”

You should’ve seen the look on my mom’s face.


Lesson of the story: kissing in private = doesn’t mean sex.


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