The Principles of Writing

Notes in a Moleskine notebook

Notes in a Moleskine notebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are many ways to write but there are select principles of writing. Here are 25 tips to help improve as a writer.




1.) All writers hate to write.




2.) To write is to play God.




3.) Writing is Schizophrenic.




4.) Art is the lie that that tells the bigger truth.




5.) Audiences are not stupid; they are very smart.




6.) Don’t be boring.




7.) Write your own personal story.




8.) Theme is expressed not in the idea but in the story.




9.) It is not truth but sweet seductive falsehood that audiences crave.




10.) Writers should prefer what is actually; verifiably true.




11.) Truth is always sought but never known.




12.) Art seeks not answers but questions.




13.) Writers are not paid by the word.




14.) Don’t have one character tell another character what you have already told the audience.




15.) Not computer and video games alone but all art is interactive.




16.) Drama is action.




17.) If you want to be treated as a professional, you must treat yourself as a professional.




18.) Less is more.




19.) Mood is Doom spelled backward.




20.) Ideas occur in old places and at curious moments.




21.) A great idea for a movie is merely that – an idea.




22.) Writer’s block is the writer’s friend.




23.) The deadline is the writers friend.




24.) Don’t let excellent get in the way of good.








25.) When in doubt, throw it out.










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