BlurtIt Beta

Have you ever been on a Question and Answer site; such as Quora or the deceased, Formspring?

If you have answered, yes, then you will know two stark differences between those Q&A sites. For example: Formspring was a hot turning place for friends and strangers to ask questions about your life and things you liked. This was extremely popular for pre-teens and teenagers alike. Quora is like your really intelligent, yet geeky friend that you enjoy being around, but might act like you don’t know him in public. This site is that intelligent, geeky friend. Just do a search on a random question and get a full-length discussion paper on the topic. If you’re lucky, then you might get paragraph. I am not harshing on either site, for I have used both in the past. Quora is an awesome platform for deep, meaningful discussions on questions you might have. Though that is not the point of this article.

Anyway, I was recently invited by one of the members to join their Q&A Startup. Now, I was honestly a tad hesitant to try it out, but I am glad that I did. BlurtIt is a mixture between those question and answer websites. When looking at their site, it reminds me of Yahoo! Answers (With a much better interface and no spam), Quora (with the sharing of everything knowledgable), and what wishes it could be.

BlurtIt was first started in 2006, and with much research and understanding of what people wanted – the founders went hard and heavy to create a visually pleasing platform for all to use. What threw me off was the minimal, yet visually pleasing user-interface. Think if Google+ and Quora had a baby. This most likely would be their love child. On top of that, I was surprised by to find a page that turned questions into a Pinterest-like theme. Words could hardly express through an article, so I’m hoping to get permission to use a screenshot of these brilliantly planned and executed startup. If I do get permission, then I’ll quickly update below.

Anyway, be sure to check out the next hit.


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